Audio-Visual/Digital & Social Media Requests

Request audio-visual and social media support for your events/announcements.


Patti Phillips-Best-Development & Communications Director. Provides strategic communications advice and counsel to Bible Center’s leaders, including the Pastors, others ministry leaders and volunteer members of the communications team, as appropriate. Creates an integrated marketing/public relations and communications strategy that will allow Bible leadership to cultivate and enhance meaningful relationships with targeted, external audiences, including the media, public officials, business and community leaders, and key influencers, to favorably position Bible Center.

ERIC BLACKWELL- Audio/Visual and Digital Media Manager. Provides audio/visual, digital media, photography, videography, storytelling, documentaries, video/photo editing, support graphics, motion graphics & interviews.

KATE ISHIYAMA- Social Media Manager. Provides content creation, interviewing, developing reports, bulletins and storytelling, capturing additional photos or video in the absence of or in addition to the Audio-Visual & Digital Media Manager.

DARRIN WARD OF DWARD DESIGN-A Graphic Design Contractor providing website creation & support, thumbnails, digital and photo manipulation, flyers, banners, social media graphics, logos and brand management.